Encouraging, Exhorting, and Inspiring those in Direct Sales & Home Businesses through Faith & Love!
Encouraging, Exhorting, and Inspiring those in Direct Sales & Home Businessesthrough Faith & Love! 

SWEET Method of setting Goals


Setting goals is one of the most important thing that any one in any business can do.  It is as important in life as it is in business. There are lots of different methods to setting goals.  This is the one we designed specifically for the Shine part of Grace Soaring Ministries!   We all hope that this will bless you greatly! This method was designed by me, Kristin Campbell,  with my experience over the last 3 decades insetting and achieving direct sales, ministry, family, and life goals.  It is a very easy to understand method, and is a great way to narrow down what your goals really are! 

What does SWEET stand for?  It stands for a goal that is simple, workable, enduring, exciting and a goal that you tell yourself and others.  Lets break it down into those steps! 

Simple:  keep your goal simple and to the point.  When you make sure your goal is simplified and very specific it will be much easier to keep track of and achieve.  If a goal is to complicated or has to many steps it can cause discouragement or distraction.

Workable: have your goal be something you can get going on and get done in a reasonable amount of time.  If the goal is too large or takes too much time it can make it harder to achieve.  You are more likely to achieve a goal that has a plan that you can work through with simple steps to reach that goal in the time frame you want to achieve that goal. 


Enduring:  you want to make sure your goal is something that will help carry you forward and make sure once you achieve the goal that it will give you enduring results.  Making your goal a key to the bigger picture you have for your life or the path that you have been given can really solidify that goal in your life.  It can be a building block to where you want to go, what you want to be, or how you want your life to be.

Exciting: be sure that you goal is big enough or important enough to you that it gets you excited and is worthwhile for you in the long run.  If you aren't excited about your goal or reaching your goal you simply will not reach it.  It has to be something that lights of fire in your or something that is so important to you that it brings you strength as you press on towards that goal.  It needs to be something so worthwhile to you that you will not give up on a hard day.  If it isn't important enough to get excited about or excited about what it could do for you or others then it might not be the right goal for you!

Tell: you must tell yourself and somebody else!  Writing down your goals and put them in your daily affirmations is very important.  If you are reminding yourself daily of your goal you will find a way to work towards that goal.   Having an accountability partner you can share your goal with makes it much easier to keep going when it gets hard!  They can inspire you, exhort you, encourage you, and even correct you on your journey towards your goal.  A prayer partner can be exceptional to help get the goals you want and keep you motivated if you believe in the power of prayer!  I believe personally that prayer can change the lives of those praying as much as the lives of those around you.  When you are on that path that you have been given and pray daily about your goals and where you you want to be you will begin to see your choices lead you to the steps that help you fulfil your goals!

I know to some this may seem overly simple but this is a great way to start out and begin goal planning!  When you take these easy steps towards setting and reaching your goals you will find that it leads to setting more and more goals that will lead you to amazing places in your journey! This has been a blessing to me and I hope and pray it will be a blessing to you as well! 


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